Thursday, July 25, 2019

CBD - What is it and Why Use it?

First I want to start with we are NOT allowed to sell CBD Oil on our website.  BUT I do offer it at shows and through invoice. for more information.

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 2 Parkinson's and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer within 1 week of each other in May of this year.

So far so good on my, waiting to heal to do follow-up PAP to make sure I'm cancer free, BUT hubby is on Rytary for Parkinson's. One of the side effects is anxiety.  WOW!!  His 1st attack scared me!!  BUT I mentioned the problem with a friend and he prompted me to do research on CBD.

I'd heard about it and worked at several shows with vendors offering CBD but could NEVER get an honest answer or explanation about their products.  At one show the vendor was selling Hemp Oil which is NOT CBD!!

I contacted several companies and finally found one that not only explained in PLAIN English and showed me examples and sent a free box for hubby to try.

The difference is surprisingly simple:
These plants contain low levels of cannabinoids including the two most commonly known: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The oil is extracted from the hemp plants by pressing the seeds they produce. Since hemp seeds do not contain any THC, the extracted oil does not contain any as well.

 I have since become a wholesaler for CBDistillery.  Why? 
1) They have ranked in the top 10 CBD companies for the last 5 years;
2) They 3rd party test EVERY batch AND test for heavy metals; and,
3) I set my OWN prices! 

Since by VA State Law I cannot offer my products online, but you can email me and I can invoice you for the items you want. 

ALL orders over $49 is FREE SHIPPING! 

We offer a few items:


For documentation on CBDistillery's record:
CBD Oil Review, Best CBD Oil for Sleep, Anxiety, Pain & Insomnia, 20 Best CBD Oils (CBDistillery is in main picture!!).

 Why you should use CBD Oil:

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Shows for August 2019
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We will be donating several items for Raffling!!

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