Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving a time for family!

We want each and every one of you to know how thankful we are to you for making us a part of your lives. 
All of us at J&J Farm want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving together with your family and friends.

November 25-27 we will be at the

Ocean Convention Center for the

33rd Annual Home Condo and Outdoor Show With Arts and Crafts

 Our Holiday Scent this year:
White Christmas (YC)
 We have added to our 
Colombian Coffee, Ylang Ylang,
Rosemary, Spearmint, Wintergreen

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hide Your Stuff in Plain Sight and a Burglar Will Be Baffled

I stumbled across this article right after a co-worker's house was broken into.  It reminded me of an old boyfriend who kept his Savings Bonds and other important papers in the bottom of his fridge under the veggie drawer.  

He kept it between two pieces of cardboard, wrapped in paper towels then sealed in two ziploc baggies; THEN taped down to bottom.  When I inquired he said a firefighter friend told him the fridge and freezers are the LAST things to burn in a house fire.  WOW! Great idea!

I am reposting it because I thought there were many good ideas and it made me come up with some new ones myself!

Hide and seek was a great game for some of us as kids. As adults, some of us apparently did not learn much from that childhood game because we continue to hide cash and other valuables in places so obvious that anyone could find them.

Let's take a look at some of those lousy hiding places before we examine some good ones:

• Sock drawers
• Back of a wardrobe closet
• Inside a shoebox
• Inside a laptop
• Medicine cabinet, clothes pockets, briefcase and underneath a mattress

OK, enough of the not-so-good places to hide valuables. If you want to hide something in your home and increase the likelihood that it will not be found by a burglar, hide it where you think they won't look!

Whether it's cash, important documents, weapons, jewelry or anything else you value most in your home, hide it so well that an invader might be looking directly at the container in which it's hidden and not even consider trying to find it there. Here are some examples:

Kitchen Capers

One of my favorite places to hide small items such as cash and jewelry is in a can of soup. Open the can from the bottom, enjoy the soup, rinse out the can thoroughly, put your items in the can, replace the can bottom, and place the can at the bottom of a stack of other canned goods. Even if the burglar goes to the trouble of looking at the cans, he'll notice that the top is still on that particular can.

Above many kitchen cabinets is a walled-in area called a bulkhead. If you remove one or more of the wall cabinets, you can cut an opening and hide items in an area that's likely to be about 12 inches high, 10 inches deep and as long as the cabinets.

Put two pieces of Styrofoam around it (such as what steaks are packaged in) and then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil and place it in your freezer.

**(I was thinking that dead space under cabinets, called toe space or toe kick; there are drawers you can install just under sink with a tiny shelf for sponges and the like.  Why not pull a piece of it an put a drawer in; but one you can kick with your toe and it pushes out like the old stereo cabinet drawers.  Here is a link to my idea: Under Cabinet)**

Family Room Fun

Sandwich your cash or another thin valuable between two pieces of cardboard backing within a difficult-to-reach picture frame. Even if the thief pulls the frame from the wall and looks at the back of it, he's unlikely to rip out the cardboard to examine it further.

Select the one or two heaviest objects in your house, such as an entertainment center or a piano, and place cash in an envelope under it. It's unlikely a burglar will expend enough energy to try to move those huge items.

**(There are so many products now like a fake book or can of tennis balls..make sure you HAVE these items already. If you have ONE classical book in your house and only magazines, it's a no brainer!)**

Think Outside the House

Another option for hiding your valuables from would-be thieves is by burying them in your backyard. This might be especially true for weapons beyond any that you want to keep inside your house. Guns, for instance, can be hidden in large-diameter PVC pipes, along with grease to prevent rust and coffee to keep residual moisture off them.

To your survival,

Frank Bates

Friday, November 11, 2016

Straight from the heART

November 12th we will be at the

Straight From the heART

We will have our 

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub with Spirulina Soap


Brand NEW!

5ML Essential Oils and 15ML Essential Oils!


Organic Cold-Pressed Oils!


DIY Scrub Kits are available!

You can choose from one of our's or make your own!  Pick the essential oil, butter and herb!  Personalize to yourself!

We are so excited for this Holiday season for you to try our new,  amazing products!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Seaweed Detox Mask - Getting ready for the Holiday Season!

What better way to be prepared for the hectic Holiday season then with a Seaweed Detox Mask?

Seaweed Detox Mask
This mask is replete with a lavish blend of mineral and antioxidant-rich kelp and seaweeds, mushrooms and chlorella, this mask is designed to balance the production of sebum while the clays, cocoa powder and activated bamboo/willow charcoal unclog pores.

The ingredients in this mask help reduce inflammation, so it may be helpful when applied to swollen tissues, joints or achy muscles, firms the skin and stimulates blood flow.

The Mask can be mixed with water or liquid of your choice (includes raw honey, yoghurt, etc.). As it dries, toxins are pulled out, cells are fed vital nutrition and pores are tightened.

This mask can be used on other parts of the body besides the face.  When applied it is green. It will not stain your skin.

Our best-selling Seaweed Mask is made with all natural ingredients. These sold out at the last craft show I attended within a few hours. I have gotten many praises and wonderful feedback from this mask!

Made with Proprietary Blend of Clay's, Seaweed, Mushroom Powder, Herbs, Mineral Salts, Ascorbic Acid, Cocoa Powder, Activated Bamboo & Willow Charcoal, Goat Milk, Matcha, and Dead Sea Salt to draw out impurities, clean skin and detoxify skin, and tighten pores naturally.

This is a dry clay mask which means there are no preservatives and allows you to alter the consistency of the mask when applied. Your skin will look and feel amazing after using our new clay mask. 

Less than the tip of a teaspoon is needed for the entire face and can be mixed with water, organic milk, tea, aloe juice or gel, raw honey or even Greek yoghurt. Adding a few drops of a carrier oil such as sweet almond, Rice Bran, Apricot Kernel, Jojoba or Rosehip will ensure easy removal and is an essential step for those prone to dry skin. Use once a week for best results. 

This mask also works great as a spot treatment!

A heaping spoonful added to baths provides exceptional detoxifying benefits; plus, it makes your bath water look like the sea!  I also like to add a few drops of Essential Oils for a luxurious detox bath.

Always follow up with our Face Oil Blend for your perfect moisturizer.

Our masks are good for all skin types. However, try other liquids that are helpful to personalize the mask for your skin.

For Dry Sensitive Skin: Yoghurt, Raw Honey and Oils (Rosehip, Sesame, Argan, Rice Bran, Apricot Kernel, Wheat Germ or Sweet Almond).

For Normal Skin: Whole Milk,Rice Bran/Grapeseed/Sweet Almond/Apricot Kernel Oil, or Rose/Orange Blossom Water.

For Oily Skin: Water, Rose/Orange Blossom Water, Witch Hazel

I do not add Essential Oils or synthetic fragrance to products in order to cover up their pure, natural aroma; it is a sea-based vitamin for the skin. You can always add a drop or two of Essential Oil to your mask if you like.

I also make sure the ONLY ingredients are what you can PRONOUNCE!  It scares me what is in today's products. If I can't read it, I don't use it!